Review for Nameeera by Farooq - My Experience with Them

Hi Everyone, 

It has been a while since i have written a review about something. I usually just keep going when i write stuff i'll try to keep it short this time. 

Today, I am talking about a brand that i have shopped from personally in the past and have heard good reviews from my friends aswell whom I recommended nameera by farooq for their wedding dresses. 

Nameera by farooq is a an online store where they sell pakistani bridal dresses with quite a big catalog of bridal wear dresses. Being based in the US they take care of customers in the US and Canada.

Me and my friends are from Canada and even though there are many store's in here that provide such dresses, they are quite far from us and many don't deliver online or have cheap quality pre-made dresses. We were looking for something of much better quality. 

Here is where nameera by farooq comes in. I was searching the web for options and found their website which had a large catalog of pakistani wedding dresses to choose from. I was as you do, a bit sceptical at first but I called them and was greeted by Nameera herself. She shared with me her designs and reviews about her brand which I liked. I did some of my own research and had heard of her brand in a facebook group i was a member of.

After having her help me with some design selection and what will suit my wedding theme i selected one dress and placed an order. 

I was a little anxious since i was placing an order with them online but i went ahead with it. Nameera then called me to share my measurements with her which she guided me how to give her and asked me about the details of customization I wanted in the dress. We had a very long meeting and dress was finalized. 

Then she sent me regular updates every week about my dress progress like the initial sketch of the dress, the color of the fabric i liked, the materials being used on the dress and the work being done currently on the dress pieces.

Her team is very hardworking and experts in what they do, I was always mesmerized with the detail and intricate work being done. When the dress was finalized i was once again confirmed the details and measurements and the dress was stiched.

Nameera shipped the dress to me on time and i got it at my doorstep. I opened the package with my family and it was exiting to see that my online purchase was a great success. My family now wanted to order their own dresses but nameera does require some time to make dresses so they decided on

The dress was just as i saw in the pictures maybe i should say much better. i immediately wore it and it fit me perfectly. I am thankful to nameera and nameera by farooq team for the truly premium bridal lehenga i wanted for my wedding day. 

It goes without saying i guess that i recommend nameera by farooq.

edit: i added some pictures of the dresses from when i got them

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